About Us

We Are Disconnected From Nature

This fundamental problem is at the heart of our environmental crisis. ÄYA seeks to reconnect us with Mother Nature, transcending our current crisis towards holistic well-being.

Who We Are

Born out of a desire to restore our innate connection to Earth during times of despair, nature–lovers Dale Hoole and Crystal Chiu started ÄYA in 2020 to inspire a more mindful and ethical way of living that fosters greater care for the self, others and the planet. As Hong Kong’s first Peruvian Alpaca brand, we are proud to be leading the way for more socially responsible business practices.

Our Story

ÄYA is a beautiful name with many beautiful meanings. In Arabic it means wonderful, verse, miracle or amazing. In Japanese it means colourful. In Mongolian it means goodness, music and melody. But in Peru it is the name of the mother spirit of Ayahuasca and plant teacher medicine which has played a pivotal role in our lives over the last decade.

The enrichment that came from our journeys, both with Ayahuasca and Peru formed the catalyst which gave birth to the brand.

After a chance meeting with an inspiring photographer and business woman, we were given wings and a vision. And then in what seemed like lightening speed, during the pandemic of all times, we have been able to create a brand with the greatest of foundations, friends and connections all over Peru and build two successful eye catching stores in the heart of Hong Kong.


Founders Crystal and Dale began travelling to Peru for personal growth, exploration and healing.


Dale began purchasing blankets and shawls made by local Andean communities to bring back to Hong Kong for his friends.


After another trip to Peru and a chance meeting with a photographer, ÄYA was born.

Our Purpose

ÄYA focusses on natural first. In order to feel natural one needs to be surrounded by nature. This also is the key in making less of an environmental footprint.

For example. only dead trees and fallen branches are used in our Palo Santo products and Alpacas are simply given a yearly hair cut to provide for our blankets and clothing accessories. In our stores we only use recycled wood for our furnishings and all bags and packaging are natural and reusable.

From Our Founders

What is ethical, sustainable and natural allows one to better connect to that which is without and better commune to that which is within.

Dale HooleCo-founder, ÄYA

Our sustainability journey is only just beginning, but we are proud that we have been able to create solid foundations right from the outset. We want our actions and practices to speak volumes and not use marketing techniques to greenwash.

Crystal ChiuCo-founder, ÄYA

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire a more mindful and ethical way of living that fosters greater care for the self, others and the planet.

We value Mother Aya and Mother Earth. If the mother principle gives all without asking then so we give the same back to the earth, our partners in Peru and our customers here. Success has to be a win win for the individual, other beings on this earth and the greater environment.

ÄYA Cares



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