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ÄYA presents a diverse range of natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced lifestyle goods for mindful individuals seeking a more caring, connected, and comfortable life. We take pride in offering you the love and quality products directly from Peru.

Bringing you closer to nature. Bringing you home.

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Restore Your Sacred Connection to Mother Nature

Reviving philosophies innate to Peruvian culture that, in the modern day, have been papered over by the stress of modern living, ÄYA taps into our inner need for freedom and self-belonging with lifestyle essentials that empower humans to restore our connection to ourselves, the communities we serve, and the planet as a whole.


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In our Spring/Summer 24 collection, "Finding Your Rhythm" we explore ancient Peruvian philosophies often overshadowed by the stresses of modern life. This collection beckons you on a voyage of self-discovery, unveiling the contrasting rhythms of life through varied colours and materials.

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Our People & Community

Born during the global pandemic, nature–lovers Dale Hoole and Crystal Chiu started ÄYA in 2020 to inspire a more mindful and ethical way of living. ÄYA focuses on natural first. In order to feel natural, one needs to be surrounded by nature. This is also the key in making less of an environmental footprint.

All of our products are made by skilled Peruvian men and women with love. We believe in allowing people to work with us and make a living doing what they love to do. This is the best way to help the individual, their families and communities.

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Are alpacas killed for their wool? What is the difference between cashmere and alpaca? Can alpaca garments be machine washed? And many more of your questions answered!

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All You Need To Know About Alpacas!

All You Need To Know About Alpacas!

Alpacas are one of the most beautiful South American camelids. They come from the same family as llama and camels but are smaller in size with much finer hair. The alpaca has been valued for it’s fibre since pre-Inca times. During the time of the Inca, alpaca fibre was used to make clothing only for royalty and was known as ‘The Fibre of the Gods’.

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