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ÄYA is an emerging Alpaca wool centered company that serves high quality knit home decor and fashion accessories. It hopes to introduce a new alternative to the wool market and stands by the ethical and environmentally friendly practices of the Alpaca industry.

Meet Our Founder & Creative Director:
Crystal Chiu!

Crystal is the native daughter of Peru & Hong Kong and a nature lover from an early age. She created ÄYA.Home to empower her community back in Peru and spread awareness about the alpaca wool alternative. She currently lives in Hong Kong where she reaches out to her customers all around the world.

Acting as the Creative Director of ÄYA.Home, Crystal is a game changer. With the Alpaca Movement she has started, she hopes to make our customers a bit more sustainable, a bit more eco-friendly and a bit more ALPACA! 

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High altitude grazing lands are not suitable for traditional farming. Alpacas make the most out of this biome and don't affect the land we need to maintain to lower our ecological footprint!


Each of ÄYAHOME's Alpaca blankets come with a handwritten note. What are you waiting for? Send a letter and a gift to your mother, father, sibling, or that special person in mind!


Think of alpaca wool trimming as a cute haircut for our fluffy friends. Just like you and I, Alpacas could use a trim once every while. This will prevent any painful knots from forming in their hair.

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